Lodge Chief Michael Lindau 
Vice Chief Administration Kodiak Calkins 
Vice Chief Inductions Will Salinas  
Vice Chief Activities Ben Haas 
Secretary Brian Salinas 
Treasurer Michael Duerkop 
Lowanne Nimat Chapter Chief Zachariah Mitchell 
Lowanne Nimat Vice Chapter Chief Alex Mitchell 
Lowanne Nimat Secretary Trey Matanich 
Southern Chapter Chief Bobby Nelson 
Southern Vice Chapter Chief Ryan White 
Southern Secretary Josh Madsen 
Supreme Chief of the Fire Tim Molepske 
Associate Lodge Adviser Don Whitmore 
Associate Lodge Adviser Brent Mueller 
Associate Lodge Adviser Brad Gary 
Associate Lodge Adviser Paul Mitchell 
Associate Lodge/Web Adviser Joe Larson/Tracie Dallas 
Lowanne Nimat Chapter Adviser Don Whitmore 
Southern Chapter Adviser Brad Gary

"He alone is worthy to wear the Arrow who will continue faithfully to serve his fellow man" - E. Umer Goodman