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Health Lodge

Health and Safety

A message from the L.E. Phillips Scout Reservation Health and Safety Committee: HealthLodge
On behalf of the Health and Safety Committee, our goal is to assure every person has a positive and safe experience while at our facility. To assure that this occurs, L.E. Phillips Scout Reservation has implemented the following procedures for the 2015 summer sessions.

Medication Administration
The state of Wisconsin has recently passed a law which no longer requires that medications be distributed from a central location while at a residential camp. Scoutmasters, Assistant Scoutmasters, or a parent or guardian of a Scout may distribute medication at the campsite.

This is beneficial for the following reasons:

  • The individual leader administering the medication has prior knowledge of the Scout's needs and is generally familiar with the parents' or guardians' wishes and instructions. The unit leader knows how to contact the parent or guardian should concerns or special instructions be required.
  • The Scout Leader is generally the individual assuring that the Scout follows up on taking their required medication during weekend campouts prior to coming to the weeklong residential camp.
  • Providing medication administration at the camp site reduces the confusion of scheduling and aids in the process of making sure all medication has been administered according to physician and parental instruction. It also allows for the Scout to not feel singled out as much as having to travel daily to the Reservation Health Office does.
  • Prescribed medication required to be kept in a temperature controlled environment may be retained at the Reservation Health Office as long as it is in the original prescribed container, and is correctly labeled with the Scout's name, date of prescription, doctor's name and contact information, and proper dosage. Arrangements may be made with the Reservation Health Officer to assure scheduling and administration of such medication.
  • The Health Officer may meet with a unit leader upon request and discuss medication administration on a limited individual basis should the leader have questions or concerns about the administration of medications.

Tick Talk

A concern at Camp Phillips is deer ticks and the illness that can go along with it - Lyme's disease. It is true that if you are going to play in the woods you may pick up an unwanted hitchhiker. Bug spray can be helpful in repelling ticks, but there are other easy ways to prevent this disease.

  • Check yourself daily for ticks. Give yourself a once-over each night before going to bed.
  • Have a tick check buddy to check your back for ticks.
  • Scouts are encouraged to TAKE DAILY SHOWERS! Besides making your camp experience better for you and your tent mates, showering is the easiest way to check for ticks.

Medical Policies

Medical Policies:

  • Every participant must provide a copy of their BSA Annual Health and Medical Form. This form will be kept on file after they leave; this is to comply with Wisconsin State law for Summer Camps. Participants should keep their original medical form at home for their records and bring a copy to camp.
  • State law requires all medication to be in the original labeled prescription container.
  • Medication can be secured in the campsite in a Troop-provided lockbox or lockboxes can be provided upon request at the Medical Lodge.
  • Bee sting medication, inhalers, an insulin syringe, or other medications or devices used in the event of life-threatening situations may be carried by a Scout but should be brought to medical checks. All unusual or special needs should be noted on the Health Exam Form. The Health Lodge at L.E. Phillips Scout Reservation has a qualified Health Officer on call 24 hours a day.
  • The above requirements are those of the State of Wisconsin and the Boy Scouts of America.

Health & Medical Record Form:
Parts A, B & C are to be completed annually and signed by a licensed physician. Scouts staying less than 72 consecutive hours can omit part C.

Minor injuries are handled by the Health Officer. If the injury is serious, the Scout will be taken to the local hospital in Rice Lake. An adult from the unit should accompany the Scout going to the hospital. The second leader and a staff member will stay with the unit. Parents will be notified prior to the transfer. The Scout’s parents and/or the troop are financially responsible for accident and health insurance.

Inherent Dangers:
Everyone should be prepared for potential problems that are out of the control of the camp. There are a lot of natural hazards such as rocks, roots, and branches that may cause injury if not cautious. Scouts can avoid visits from animals by not allowing any food, drinks, or scented items in or near their tents. To avoid lost or stolen items, leave your valuables at home or have them stored securely in vehicles.

CPAP Machines
Option 1: Places to charge batteries during the day - If your CPAP is equipped to run off battery power, we have a few buildings that you can plug in a charger and charge batteries. These include the following locations: Admin, Handicraft, Dining Hall, Dining Hall Pavilion, Leader’s Bathroom at Round Lake, and the Trading Post.

Option 2: Pitch a personal tent - You may also bring a personal tent and camp in two locations that are easily accessible to power. These locations are outside the Handicraft Building on International Point near the lake and just inside the woods near the Dining Hall Pavilion. Both of these locations would require an extension cord to get power to your tent.

Option 3: Campsites near power - If your troop is staying in either Lone Pine, Thunderbird, or Beaver Point, power can be run via the use of an extension cord to these campsites from a nearby outlet. Distances are available upon request.

Option 4: Stay at winter camp (if available) - Our winter camp facilities offer power but are located a mile from main camp. They would require you to drive a personal vehicle to and from the location. These locations may not be available at all times.

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