3rd Annual Derby & Drafts

Thursday, November 8, 2018

Pizza Hut, 1242 W. Clairemont Avenue, Eau Claire

Adults, it's your turn to build and race your own pinewood derby car! All attendees MUST be 21 or older (no one under the age 21 will be admitted).

"Real" Class - Specific rules for the size, shape, weight, wheels, and design of car.

"Feisty" Class - Start with a car kit and modify your car any way you want. Nothing combustible or flammable. Other than rules on size, anything else goes!

Once registration and payment is received, you can pick up your car kit at the Scout Service Center.

Do you want to race but can't find the time to build your car? Sign up to race using one of our loaner cars!

For more information and to register:
Derby & Drafts Brochure
Online Registration
Derby Class Rules