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Cub World Program Highlights

Climbing TowerClimbing
Scaling the 16-foot climbing tower is a must for all participants at camp.  All safety equipment is provided for this challenging program. This helps youth develop confidence in themselves and others.  

Fitness Course
Want to test your agility and strength? Our Pirate obstacle course has more than 10 obstacles to challenge the most active Cub Scout! 

Outdoor Skills
During Outdoor Skills, youth will start learning the skills required to be a Boy Scout. The hands-on experience of knot tying, making a fire, cooking, and camp skills is perfect for you and your son to do together. Youth will also get to look around a handmade log cabin.

Swimming in Bass Lake is one of the most popular activities at camp.
There are three swimming ability classifications for Cub Scouts and adults:
Non-swimmer: Cannot complete the beginner’s swimming test
Beginner: Must be able to jump into water over their heads, level off, swim 25 yards, turn, and return to starting point.
Swimmer:  Must be able to swim 75 yards in a strong manner, 25 yards using the elementary back stroke, and at the end of the 100 yards rest by floating.
NOTE: Instructional time will be available for Cub Scouts to learn how to swim or improve their current skills. Boating will be available under the direction of the Aquatics Director.
Shooting Sports
Cub Scouts will be able to receive instruction in archery, B.B. Guns, and rock throwing.

All Cub Scouts enjoy it. It offers many crafts to challenge the most creative Cub Scout.

The 1450 acres of L.E. Phillips Scout Reservation provide a perfect classroom for young Cub Scouts. The reservation is an ideal environment for deer, bald eagles, loons, porcupine, beaver and much more. If fishing is your game, then be sure to bring your fishing gear.