Boy Scout Camp

Merit Badge Program
The Camp Phillips merit badge program uses an open concept designed to allow a Scout to schedule the merit badges he wants to work on while offering time to go on a hike, play a have fun, without missing a scheduled class. This program also allows a Scout to go at his own pace, whether that is three merit badges a day or one in a week. Scoutmasters are encouraged to monitor the progress of each of their Scouts. The responsibility for successful merit badge completion rests with the camp staff, the Scoutmaster and the Scout.
 BoyScoutCamp First Year Camper Program
The Scouting program provides many opportunities for Scouts to learn new skills and take part in terrific adventures. The First Year Camper(FYC) program at Camp Phillips, focuses on helping young Scouts advance through the ranks of Tenderfoot, Second Class, and/or First Class.
Active Scout participation and advancement go together in the FYC program. The FYC staff will act as guides for the Scouts who participate, helping them to learn the Scoutcraft skills needed to advance. Adult leaders are always welcome at FYC to help the staff and campmasters.
On the camp roster, please include the number of Scouts who will be participating in the FYC program and the rank they need to work on.
Equipment List
Complete Scout Uniform - (Shirt, shorts or pants, socks, belt and neckerchief); mess kit or plate, cup and silverware (a must for your day of campsite cooking); Scout Handbook; notebook and pencils; Merit Badge pamphlets (current); compass; canteen; flashlight with extra batteries; insect repellant (no aerosol); sleeping bag; small pillow; sturdy raincoat, rainsuit or poncho; hiking shoes; tennis shoes; extra shirts, shorts and long pants; six pair of underwear; six pair of socks; handkerchiefs; swim suit; towel and washcloth; pajamas; sweatshirt; heavy jacket; toilet kit (soap, deodorant, toothpaste, toothbrush, comb, drinking cup, etc.); OA sash (if a member of the Order of the Arrow); backpack; gym bag or suitcase; laundry bag; watch; camera (disposable ones work well); fishing gear; postcards with stamps; spending money

Boy Scout Camp Program Highlights

  • Aquatics
  • Boating
  • C.O.P.E.
  • Ecology & Conservation
  • Handicraft
  • Personal Development Merit Badges
  • Scoutcraft
  • Shooting Sports