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Camp Phillips FacilitiesBoyScoutFacilities

The facilities at Camp Phillips makes camp seem like a resort compared to other camps as we are the “Premier Camp”. Your sleeping quarters are shelters that are 4-person tent cabins with wooden floors, screens, canvas, ridged roofs, and cots with firm mattresses. Each campsite is equipped with the following items:
- Tent cabins with 4 beds
- Hand washing station
- Pavilion with picnic tables
- Water spigot
- Latrine
- Each campsite is relatively close to a shower house
- Campfire rings
- Dock with two row boats
(As long as troops are following the BSA guidelines of Safety Afloat, Scouts can take a row boat out any time to go fishing or explore one of the five lakes on the 1450 acre property.BoyScoutFacilities)

Paved roads and parking lots provide easier travel between campsites, program areas, and the Dining Hall. Also, Camp Phillips provide premier fishing from either a rowboat, one of the many fishing docks, or simply from shore. Our staff is willing to point out some of the great fishing spots at Camp Phillips.